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Principal's Corner

Principal Stevenson in the library

Welcome to the Principal's Corner.  My name is Julie Stevenson, Principal of Hanover High School.   I will post messages here to keep you updated on important topics that are happening at our school.

My posts can also be found in the Weekly Announcements which I highly encourage you to view.  I hope you find all of this information helpful, informative, and fun.


Most Recent Post:

February 13 - 17

Hello All,

There is a great deal of excitement in our building in anticipation of the break. We hope all of our students enjoy the time off.

Every once in a while, I like to reach out to our kids and families with a safety message. We spend a great deal of time together as a community and enjoy each other's company. We love hearing about the hopes and dreams of our students. We are incredibly proud to be part of their growth and the journey towards a future they imagine. 

The older I get however, the more aware I become of the obstacles along the way and how fragile life can be. None of us want to see anything get in the way of a bright future and while we cannot clear every barrier out of the way,  we do take precautions, like wearing bike helmets, learning how to swim, wearing seatbelts, discussing how to treat people respectfully and noticing when other people are in distress. 

Students, we would like to remind you to seek out people who encourage and support your health and well-being. We have many adults at school who can aid in this process and give you suggestions. You just need to reach out.

Parents, I would like to provide the following suggestions that might help limit obstacles around underage drinking/substance use:

  • Have a discussion with your young person about your expectations around substance use.  Teenagers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors if parental expectations are clear.  
  • Provide parties and suggestions for activities that are substance-free.
  • Provide transportation to and from student gatherings.
  • Take part in your young person's preparation for those gatherings.
  • Ensure that your teenager leaves your house sober and comes home sober.
  • Wait up for your teenager.  A teenager is least likely to binge drink if a parent is waiting for them.
  • Oftentimes "sleeping out" provides young people with the opportunity to use substances without their parents knowing.  Limit sleepovers to family friends where you are assured that a parent will be greeting your teenager when they come "home.”
  • If your teenager is going to a party, speak with the family who is hosting the party and ask if it is a substance-free party.
  • Have the expectation that your teenager will not attend a party where underage drinking is allowed/encouraged.
  • Even when it is a “special occasion,” family norms should still apply.

As parents, I am one too, we are all in this together. We are shaping our future community. The more we talk to each other the better. Don’t be shy.

For the students, know that you are loved. LOVED!

Have a great break,

Julie Stevenson