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Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Current Leadership

Council Officers [Executive Committee + Council Leadership]

A: Moderator - Kavi Patel ('24)
B: Assistant Moderator - Anna Healey ('24)
C: Treasurer - Sam Loescher ('24)
D: Secretary - Mingheng Liu ('25)
E: Dresden School Board Representative - Josh Stearns ('24)
F: Public Relations Officer - Skylar Spiro ('24)
G: Committee on Programming and Procedure Representative - Sophie Wise ('24)

Council Committee Chair(s) [Council Leadership]

A: Administrative Committee - 
B: Curriculum Committee - 
C: Organizational Engineering Committee - 
D: Student Activities Committee - 
E: Student Life Committee - 


The Council officers are be elected by Council at the end of each school year for the following year. The Council Committee Chair(s) are elected by their committee members at the beginning of each school year.

Leadership Positions