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The Council is made up 45+ students, HHS faculty and staff, and community members. Founded during the 1971-72 school year and endorsed by the Dresden School Board (DSB) in 1977, it is one of three governmental bodies involved in the decision-making process at Hanover High School, including HHS Administration and the Judiciary Committee (J-Comm).

Bring a Motion to Council

Anyone can bring a motion . . . yes, anyone!

Before you begin, please review what is in Council's jurisdiction. Then select a motion template from below to write your motion. Feel free to contact any Council member for help. We are more than happy to provide assistance.

Council Voting Record

The Council roll call record is a detailed account of voting that took place during Council meetings.

  • A "Y" indicates a vote (yea) in favor of the motion.
  • A "N" indicates a vote (nay) against the motion.
  • An "A" indicates an abstention.
  • An "NP" indicates the member not being present.

It is strongly encouraged to review roll call records before voting in Council elections.

Current Minutes & Agendas

For information on the most recent Council minutes and agenda, contact any Council member.

  • The agenda is set by the Council Executive Committee every Tuesday morning and the minutes are written by the Council Secretary.
  • The agenda/minutes are important for the general public and school community (but especially Council members) to read and review.

Council Meeting Attendance

Look at the attendance taken every meeting by the Council Secretary.

  • Planned absences and tardies are denoted by 'AE' and 'TE,' respectively.
  • Any unexplained absence from a Council meeting results in an 'AUE.' A Council member who arrives more than 15 minutes late for a Council meeting loses the right to vote for the entire meeting, and will also be given a 'TUE.'

It is strongly encouraged to review attendance records before voting in Council elections. More information on attendance policies is detailed in the Council Bylaws [Article III, Section E, Clause 1, Subsection A].