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student at desk with computer and project items

The K-12 technology integration team view technology as a means to acquire knowledge, utilize skills, problem-solve, demonstrate and communicate and think in different ways. Our goal is to promote and support students in attaining valuable technological skills while maintaining and promoting positive digital citizenship. We challenge our learning community to use technology in flexible and innovative ways and to understand and respect the moral and ethical issues related to technology.

The team recognizes that technology is integral to learning and educating today's children for success in the global community and fully supports the access of these electronic resources by students and staff. The K12 team seeks to attain balance among the criteria necessary to meet our goals. The critical elements include: empowering leadership; engaging the community; providing implementation planning, technical support and ongoing professional development; managing consistent and adequate funding; supporting equitable access, a curriculum framework, assessment and evaluation, policies, external entities, and student centered learning (ISTE).

Technology Initiatives and Programs