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Social Studies

Our Program

Three credits of Social Studies are required for graduation. Students usually take Citizenship and World History, United States History United States History or American Experience, American Government and and Politics or Civics, and Geography and Geopolitics or Global Studies. Most students also choose to take a Social Studies elective during their junior and senior year. The three years of Social Studies are designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective citizenship.

Although the sequence in which students fulfill the Social Studies requirements are intentionally designed for students to develop the content knowledge and skills for each successive class, there is some flexibility in meeting those requirements after ninth grade.  Tenth and eleventh-grade students may defer the course normally taken in those years by one year if they need to adjust their schedule. Juniors may choose to take the required course of study, as well as a Social Studies elective. Seniors may choose to take two electives each semester. Students may also choose to take Dartmouth courses if they meet the following prerequisites: they have taken all Social Studies Department courses related to the requested Dartmouth course, there is space available in the Dartmouth course at the time of registration, and have maintained an A average in their 3 previous years of social studies.

Students who wish to consider the Advanced Placement options should refer to the Advanced Placement Section of this handbook.