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Science and Technology

Our Program

The Department of Science and Technology at Hanover High School offers challenging courses appropriate for students with varied interests and abilities. Our curriculum emphasizes skills and knowledge, along with independent and team problem solving through class discussions, laboratory, and fieldwork. Through design and engineering challenges, students develop their creativity and curiosity while exploring real-world problems.  Project-based learning engages students in the process of science.  Students collect data and use evidence-based thinking to model how the world works.
Our curriculum sequence is grounded in a ninth grade Methods in Science course that emphasizes the development of fundamental skills for working with both quantitative and qualitative data. This foundation is followed by a traditional core sequence of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This sequence is supplemented by a robust offering of electives that offer students the chance to pursue interest in more specialized areas of science and technology. In these science courses, students develop science literacy, ethics, and environmental citizenship through the study of current issues in science and technology. Technology courses in the Design Lab emphasize practical skills and solving problems with an engineering design process.
Students are advised by their current science or technology teacher or the department coordinator regarding the next appropriate course. The current science teacher, or the coordinator, must approve the student’s registration selection.  A science placement exam may be administered to students entering grade 9 to assist in determining initial placement.  
An Honors level course requires a student who is capable of self motivation and independent learning as well as a desire to learn a large amount of content with more mathematical applications.  
Movement between course levels is possible according to student performance and motivation. Prerequisites are defined for most courses indicating past performance levels which should lead to success in the next course in the sequence.
Two science credits, one in physical science and one in biological science, are required for graduation from a New Hampshire high school. Additionally, one credit in a Fine or Practical Art is required for graduation. A Technology course may be used to fulfill part of this required credit. Students should be advised on course selection by their science or technology teacher.
Students who wish to consider the Advanced Placement option for Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Biology, please refer to the Advanced Placement Opportunities section of this handbook.

Science Prerequisite Guidelines

For science courses in which there are multiple levels (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Methods in Science), the following prerequisites apply:
In order to continue in an honors science class the following year, students must maintain an average of 80% or above and have their current science teacher's recommendation.
To continue in a regular level class, students must maintain an average of 70% or above and have their current science teacher's recommendation.
To move from a regular level class to an honors science class, or a move from a general level class to a regular level class students should be earning an average of 90% or above and have their current science teacher's recommendation.

Course Descriptions