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Personalized Learning Programs Course Descriptions
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Personalized Learning Programs

Our Program

The Personalized Learning Programs department at Hanover High School encourages students to develop meaningful and productive learning relationships and embark on educational experiences that are tailored to their needs and interests. We believe that when students are actively involved and responsible for their learning, they develop confidence, motivation, and self-direction as they move from structured, supported learning environments to collaborative and independent work.

Course Descriptions

Academic Research Seminar

Grades: 11-12
Credit: No Credit
Prerequisites: None

In Academic Research Seminar, students will build foundational content areas in preparation for college-level academic research. In this skills-based course, students will select their own topics about which they will synthesize information from a variety of sources and perspectives to create evidence-based essays and oral and visual presentations.

Study Hall

Grades: 10-12
Credit: No Credit
Prerequisites: None

The objective of Study Hall is to provide students with a quiet, structured place in the building to complete assignments and to promote independence by allowing students to manage their own workflow. Students enrolled in Study Hall are expected to stay and work for the full period. Students can also access Study Hall by signing in any day if seats are available. 

Study Skills

Grades: 9-12
Credit: 1/4 per Semester
Prerequisites: None

Study Skills is a credit-earning elective which gives students the opportunity to learn about a variety of study skills and then practice them on their own assignments. Skills are presented through daily lessons at the start of the period, after which students have time to work on their assignments from other classes.  Once a week the teacher meets with each student for individual coaching and application of skills. The overarching skills that are addressed in both semesters are organization, goal setting,  task initiation, review, and practice. 

Topics covered in Study Skills 1 include: Learning Styles, Time Management, Note Taking and Problem Solving. 

Topics covered in Study Skills 2 include: Memory, Listening and Attention, Research, and Self-Advocacy.

The courses can be taken in any order. 

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

Independent Study

Grades: 9-12
Credit: 1/2 Elective Credit per semester
Prerequisites: None

ELOs provide multiple opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom and achieve credit toward high school graduation. Extended learning opportunities may include, but are not limited to, independent study, private instruction, performing groups, internships, community service, apprenticeships, online/distance education, or other opportunities. A student wishing to enroll in this program must discuss their goals and ideas with the ELO Coordinator. Together they will complete the application process and set a timeline for the course. Wherever possible, the work should result in some product, such as a major paper, a presentation, or an observable project or performance. To enroll in this program please contact:

Senior Bridges

Grade: 12
Credit: 1/2 Academic or Elective Credit per semester
Prerequisites:  None
HW: The work of this course is largely independent (outside of class). At the start of the semester, there will be more full class meetings for research and project development. (1-2 times per week). As projects get going, students will have more individual check-ins with the teachers. 

What do you want to DO that isn’t part of a class at Hanover High School?  You already know how to drive, so in Senior Bridges, we’ll give you the keys to pursue your interests.  For your project, you can:

  • Do research to answer a question of your choice.
  • Do something based on a new skill of your choice.
  • Do science by answering a question of your choice.
  • Do engineering or design by solving a problem of your choice.

Students will first research, develop, and document an initial plan for what they want to do for a project and the type of credit they will pursue.  Next comes the “doing” based on additional research and planning, breaking down your project into bite-sized steps, and sharing your progress along the way towards some final product.  Lastly, students prepare for and share their project process and product with a presentation.  Students will meet periodically throughout the course with a teacher and at times with other Senior Bridges students.  Though all projects are interdisciplinary in nature, credits and course hour commitments will be determined on an individual basis, depending upon the scope of the project.  Students do not need to complete an application in advance. 

Other Support Services

The Personalized Learning Department oversees the following academic support services. For more information contact the PLP Coordinator, Amy Good


Weekly Academic Advising

Weekly academic advising is available through the PLP Academic Advisory Program.  Students are paired with a faculty member and together they develop goals and make plans for improving their school performance. Advisors monitor student progress and communicate with teachers, counselors, and parents as needed. The program is ideal for students who are working toward becoming active and independent learners.  Regular attendance at meetings is required.

Students and families can be referred to Weekly Academic Advising by the Counseling Department.

Title I Tutorial

The Title 1 Tutorial program is designed to help new students adjust to the demands of high school by improving their basic academic skills and by supporting/reinforcing classroom instruction.  Services are offered to students who qualify based on state-mandated eligibility criteria. Once enrolled, students meet with a teacher at least two times a week and focus on reading, writing, math, and study skills.


Section 504 Accommodations

Students with a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities and inhibits their access to the HHS curriculum can receive accommodations, according to a team-developed plan. For more information please read the HHS 504 Process .To inquire about these services please email: 


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