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Realms October 2023

While at Realms, the Hanover team shared their work with a diverse group of students, ranging from sixth graders to high school seniors. Their presentation delved into the core purpose of the NEBP, provided a succinct overview of gravitational waves, and highlighted crucial components necessary for data collection and payload tracking. By tailoring the complexity of their explanations to suit the varied age groups, the team recognized heightened participation and engagement. Scientific communication, a cornerstone of the ballooning project, remains a central focus for Hanover High School as they actively seek ways to disseminate information about these once-in-a-lifetime eclipses with the public.

Launch Day October 14

On October 14, the team ventured to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to launch their atmospheric balloon. Thanks to meticulous preparations the day before, the assembly process unfolded smoothly. The launch team efficiently rigged the payloads and commenced inflating the balloon. Simultaneously, the ground team, operating out of Bly, Oregon, established connectivity to the Iridium network and calibrated both the ground station and the RDF900, utilized for relaying data back to the team via radio transmission. Notably, the team encountered a minor hiccup during calibration when the ground station misaligned with the sun. Swift troubleshooting efforts allowed the team to reorient the dish quickly and stay on time.

Launching the balloon
Launching the balloon
students watching the eclipse
team members watching the eclipse
team leaders watching the eclipse
footage of balloon popping and earth
stages of the eclipse