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March Intensive

students seated at The Hood Museum watching a presentation



March Intensive 2022-23 Calendar

October 7, 2022

       Deadline to submit course proposals by 3:00 PM (this is an inservice day).

October 17, 2022

        Course proposals are approved by CPP.

October 25, 2022

       Course proposals are approved by the Dresden School Board.

October 26, 2022
   Course proposals go live on this MI website

October 31, 2022
    Deadline to submit course proposals for Independent Study by 3:00 PM.

October 31, 2022
    Deadline for Seniors and Juniors to sign up for 11:15 AM      

November  2, 2022

    Seniors and Juniors placed

November 3, 2022

     Courses remaining with open slots are published. 

November 5, 2022

     Deadline for Sophomores and Freshmen to sign up by Noon.  

November 7, 2022

     Sophomores and Freshmen placed. 

November 15, 2022

     Kick-off meeting for MI groups. 
     Discuss expectations, reading(s), preparation, any form(s), and any payments, and scholarships reminder. 

November 21, 2022

    First day checks can be required for distant travel courses

November 16, 2022

    Deadline for all financial hardship applications due by 3:00 PM

January 10, 2023

     Second meeting for MI groups. 

March 7, 2023

   Third meeting for MI groups
    Tie up loose ends. 

March 13, 2023

    When the magic happens. 

March 25, 2023

   Celebration and debrief of all of the wonderful MI experiences through a slideshow during advisory lunch of Friday. Deadline of grades of "NP" or "UP" to Matt Prince ( by 3:00 PM.