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Math Department

In SAU 70 mathematics classrooms, all children, at developmentally appropriate levels, are learning to value mathematics, to see connections within mathematics, to see connections between mathematics and other areas, to be confident in their ability to do mathematics, to become mathematical problem solvers, to communicate mathematically, and to reason mathematically. This is accomplished and assessed in classrooms where inquiry is valued; where discourse and discussion of mathematical ideas are part of the teaching and learning process; where tools, including manipulatives, calculators, and computers, are used appropriately to support the understanding of mathematical ideas; and where communities of learners of mathematics are created. Students K-12 develop skills in and conceptual understanding of numbers and operations, data analysis and probability, patterns and algebra, geometry and spatial sense, and measurement.

Example of string art project doing in math classes. This example is a string art flower design.

Course Descriptions

Math Course Descriptions