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College Counseling

Getting Started:School Counseling Philosophy

Our high school counseling team champions a culture of celebration for every college choice, grounded in the philosophy that students should only apply to institutions where they genuinely wish to attend. We believe there's a fit for every student, emphasizing that the diversity of choices—be it large universities, small liberal arts colleges, community colleges, or specialized institutions—reflects the unique aspirations, talents, and needs of each student. This approach not only honors their individual journey but also celebrates the rich tapestry of opportunities that higher education offers.

The role of the HHS Counseling Department is to organize and help facilitate the process of planning for an appropriate next step beyond Hanover High School. It is the student’s responsibility to begin the process in a timely fashion. It is important to pay careful attention to individual college’s testing and application requirements. The college process has many steps, and it is important to work in conjunction with your school counselor.

Applying to College

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