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Judiciary Committee

The appeal of a disciplinary action will be made in writing by the appellant by 3:00 PM of the school day following such disciplinary action. Students wishing to use this committee should get an Appeal Form from the Main Office and contact the Chairperson on the same day of the Administrative Decision.

Copies of Rules of Operation for this committee may be obtained in Article VII F of the Council Bylaws or from the Chairperson of the Committee, Principal or the Associate Principal of the school.

Members of the Judiciary Committee will be elected from the general student body.

  1. Students may run for council as well as JComm.
  2. Elections will take place during the Council elections in the spring.
  3. Freshmen will vote in the fall during orientation.
  4. There will be two students from each grade as well as two staff members.
  5. Nomination forms are required but other forms of campaign are not required.
  6. Individuals will vote for two members from their grade (or staff).

A chair, which cannot be a staff member, selected by the members of the Judiciary Committee. It will be the responsibility of the Chair to ensure the proper functioning of the Judiciary Committee. The Council Executive will serve on the Judiciary Committee as a non-voting member and a resource for the chair.