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Student Behavior Expectations & Policies

Hanover High School expects students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens. Students are expected to pick up trash without being told and certainly if they are told. Abusive or foul language is unacceptable; Hanover High School is a public place. Behavior in corridors, atrium, and other common areas that disrupts instruction or harms the school's generally positive atmosphere will not be permitted.

Open ridicule and verbal threats to other students and adults are considered harmful to the school’s generally positive atmosphere. We do not tolerate physical intimidation or fights as a satisfactory means of settling disagreements. Students who do not meet these expectations or who violate other school rules run the risk of having severe disciplinary sanctions imposed.

The administration and staff recognize that the contents of this document will not address all situations that may occur. When circumstances arise that are not specifically addressed in this document, the administration and staff reserve the right to determine an appropriate response. Any individual who does not agree with chosen actions or responses of administration or staff members may pursue an appeal process through the Judiciary Committee of Council.

Student Behavior Expectations

Student Policies and Expectations