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Honor Code

Honor Code

Passed by Council, March 25, 2008
Adopted by the Dresden School Board March 25, 2008

Hanover High School is a democratic school. Therefore, all members of the school community are expected to uphold high standards of responsibility, honor, and integrity both in and outside the classroom. Living by these standards inspires confidence and trust in others as well as oneself.

To that end, all members of the Hanover High School community are expected to abide by the rules of the HHS Handbook. Violations of these rules conflict with our Honor Code principles and betray our community of trust.

Responsibility to Report Violations

Any member of the Hanover High School community who is aware of an Honor Code violation is bound to take some action. At a minimum, this action may be to report the violation to a parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, other adult, or to speak personally to the individual in violation. To do nothing threatens both the spirit and success of the Honor Code.

Academic Integrity Policy

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