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Schedule Up

Schedule-up is a school-based consequence that may be employed when a student violates unscheduled time or one of several rules stated in the Handbook. Schedule-up means that for a period of time the student loses the free choice of where to go during unscheduled time.

Usually, the student works out a schedule with the adult in charge. The schedule-up specifies the following:

  • The student spends all unscheduled time in adult supervised work spaces;
  • With the exception of a 30-minute lunch period, the student must ask an adult supervisor to initial the schedule form for each period, thereby confirming the student was in a previously designated space.
  • The form must be turned in at the Main Office at the completion of the student’s school day and picked up at the beginning of the next school day.
  • Failure to attend a required period, excessive lateness, or failure to turn in or pick up the schedule form may mean in-school suspension as the next level consequence.