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Cell Phones

Cell Phones
Passed by Council, 9 February 2001
Amended, 7 March 2022

The use of electronic devices must not interfere with academics or constitute a threat to health or safety.

Once the teacher call the beginning of the academic instruction time, phones are to be put away. 

All electronic devices may only be used in class with the teacher's permission. Electronic devices can be used in public spaces where students are allowed to congregate; however, users should be aware of the current handbook rule which states that "Behavior in corridors and foyers which disrupts instruction or harms the school's generally positive atmosphere will not be permitted."

All electronic devices  must be turned off or turned to mute during any form of safety or emergency drill or procedure.

If a teacher finds a student in violation of the rules above, the teacher may take the student's cell phone or other electronic device until, but not exceeding, the end of the class period.