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Student Atrium Expectations

  • Choose kind language
  • Refrain from:
    • throwing things
    • sitting on, lying on and putting feet on tables
    • sitting on metal railing
    • Sitting on stairs - except one area in pit has been approved
  • Music is okay, as long as, the volume is at a respectable level and the language is clean. If the noise is bothering someone, please turn it down.
  • Pick up after yourself - clean up the table
  • Ramp in Atrium area shall remain clear for accessibility
  • Backpacks may not be left on stairways or on access ramp.
  • Backpacks and sport bags should be lined up tight against wall along Atrium
  • Hacky Sack is prohibited in the Atrium. It may be played in the back hallway where restrooms and loading dock doors are located.

When in the Atrium….eat, study, play games, relax, socialize and have fun.