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Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations – General
Hanover High School expects students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens. Students are expected to pick up trash without being told and certainly if they are told. Abusive or foul language is unacceptable; Hanover High School is a public place. Behavior in corridors, atrium, and other common areas that disrupts instruction or harms the school's generally positive atmosphere will not be permitted.

Open ridicule and verbal threats to other students and adults are considered harmful to the school’s generally positive atmosphere. We do not tolerate physical intimidation or fights as a satisfactory means of settling disagreements. Students who do not meet these expectations or who violate other school rules run the risk of having severe disciplinary sanctions imposed.

The administration and staff recognize that the contents of this document will not address all situations that may occur. When circumstances arise that are not specifically addressed in this document, the administration and staff reserve the right to determine an appropriate response. Any individual who does not agree with chosen actions or responses of administration or staff members may pursue an appeal process through the Judiciary Committee of Council.

Use of Outside Areas During Unscheduled Time

On-campus outside areas may be used for rest, recreation and studying. Outside use, however, cannot interfere with students and staff working within the school. On-campus areas for students are listed below:

  • The soccer field
  • The turf field
  • The front lawn
  • The track infield

The following regulations govern the use of outside areas:

  • In front of the school, pedestrian ways, parking lots: playing ball, Frisbee, lacrosse, skateboarding, etc. are not allowed. These activities are allowed on athletic fields not in use by the P. E. programs of HHS.
  • “Hacky-sack” is permitted in front of the building so long as that activity does not interfere with pedestrians.
  • Athletic equipment is off-limits.
  • Fire escapes may only be used as an emergency exit.
  • Automobiles, motorcycles, etc., are off-limits (i.e., no sitting on or in cars, etc.) This includes student visitors as well.
  • Parking lots: should not be used for unscheduled time activities.
  • Students should keep all areas free of litter, particularly the front lawn.

Political Campaign Materials
HHS prohibits the display of political campaign materials in any non-personal location in the school, except those specifically designated for that purpose. This does not include any political campaign materials used for educational purposes or for Council elections.

General Student Information

Bikes should be left in the bicycle racks provided and not near the pedestrian entrances to the school. This is necessary because of the shortage of outside space and the need for clear access for service and emergency vehicles. Bicycles are personal property and are not to be tampered with. Students found responsible for vandalizing bicycles will, at the very least, have unscheduled time restricted. If serious damage or injury occurs, the matter will be referred to the Hanover Police Department.

Delivering Messages
Students should check their email throughout the day for messages. If there is an emergency or the message is confidential, an office staff person will seek out a student immediately. Parents may leave lunches for students in the office.

Laser Pointers
Laser pointers should not be brought to Hanover High School unless the student can show a compelling need to use a pointer for academic purposes. Laser Pointers brought to school will be confiscated.

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found is kept in the Cafeteria. Unclaimed textbooks will be returned to appropriate departments at the end of each quarter. Articles not claimed after three weeks will be donated to a local non-profit.

Skateboards, etc.
The use of skateboards, longboards, and Razors/scooters as well as bicycle-riding on school property during the school day (7:30-3:30pm) is not allowed, especially when buses are loading and unloading.

There are several reasons why throwing snowballs is dangerous around a school:

  • Snowballs can cause physical damage to persons and objects.
  • Bystanders and pedestrians can be hit.
  • A distracted motorist in front of the school could have a serious accident.
  • Windows can be broken.
  • Students can’t always predict where a snowball will land, how a “target” will react, or whether a snowball will hurt.

The consequences for throwing snowballs are as follows:



First Offense

Formal, written warning and request that parents assist

Second Offense

Loss of unscheduled time for one week or other restrictive action if snowballs are thrown before or after school

Third Offense

Possible suspension from school; parent conferences at very least

Reports of students throwing snowballs at a moving vehicle will be turned over to the Hanover Police Department.

Locks and Lockers
Lockers belong to the school. Lockers are “on loan” to students for personal use in direct connection with attending school. Each student is assigned a locker for storing clothing, books and school supplies; students provide their own locks. The school reserves the right to search lockers but will do so only when there is specific information related to illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen property or dangerous substances.

Each year a number of students report that personal belongings were taken from their lockers. Invariably, the lockers have been left unlocked or locker combinations have been shared. Students are strongly encouraged to do the following:

  • Use a lock at all times.
  • Keep the lock combination confidential.
  • Use only the assigned locker. A student is financially accountable for all schoolbooks and responsible for messages delivered to their locker.
  • Never leave valuables or large amounts of money in a locker even with a lock.
  • Leave any valuables in the Main Office for safekeeping.
  • Report the loss of any property immediately to the Office.
  • If you hang anything on lockers, use blue painter tape.
Locker Clean-Out

Lockers must be emptied by the last day of school in June. Items left in lockers will be removed and placed in the Cafeteria Lost and Found.

Refusal to Follow the Reasonable Instructions of an Adult

Failure to follow the reasonable instructions of an adult presumes refusal to do so unless it is determined that there was legitimate confusion or misunderstanding.
1. May result in a suspension of up to three days. Parents will be notified.
2. When substantiated, a schedule-up to last not less than 10 school days and no more than the remainder of the school year, depending upon the nature of the offense.
Unscheduled Time (Misuse of)
(Particularly disruptive behavior)
Consequence: Generally, one week’s loss of choice during unscheduled time. The response to second offenses will depend on the circumstances, but generally will result in a loss of choices for a longer period of time.