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Athletic Responsibilities

Athletic Practice Responsibilities
  • Athletes are expected to be at every required practice unless excused by the coach. Individual coaches determine penalties for missing practices unexcused. Athletes who must miss practice for an appropriate reason should inform the coach ahead of time.
  • Athletes are expected to attend the first practice called after the official starting date unless excused by a physician or the head coach. Those who are excused from trying out should understand that they will be behind others in terms of skills and conditioning, and that this may affect the team on which they are placed or whether they make the final cuts (if cuts are needed.)
  • All sports teams must have two consecutive days off over the Thanksgiving and February breaks, and three consecutive days off over the Holiday and April breaks. The coach will choose the dates and will notify both the players and the Athletic Director before the start of the season. If for extenuating circumstances, the coach feels they cannot abide by this policy for a particular break, they must appeal to the Athletic Director and the Principal as early as possible.

Participation Fee Guidelines

  • Fees will be paid prior to participation.
  • An athlete who does not make full payment or receive a waiver, will be ineligible until full payment is made.
  • Fees must be paid in full and by check. Cash will not be accepted. Checks are payable to: Dresden School District.
  • Students with financial difficulties may be exempt upon making a request in writing to the Athletic Director.
  • Refunds, based on injury or quitting the team, may be requested within the first two weeks of the season. After that time there will be no refunds.

College Athletic Facilities
Members of Hanover High School athletic teams should not use the college facilities until specific arrangements have been made by the Athletic Director with Dartmouth’s Athletic Department.

When a parent or athlete has a concern regarding the Athletic Department, the parent or athlete should follow the following steps:
  • Speak with the Coach.
  • If not satisfied, speak with the Athletic Director.
  • If not satisfied, speak with the Principal.
  • If not satisfied, speak with the Superintendent of Schools.
Disqualification From An Interscholastic Athletic Event
  • Any player or coach who is disqualified from a game at any level for exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct shall not participate in the next scheduled interscholastic athletic event, including NHIAA Tournament events.
  • If a player receives a 2nd game disqualification during the season, that individual will be required to forfeit any participation in that interscholastic sport, at any level, for the balance of the season.
  • If the game disqualification is administered in the final contest of the season (including tournament play) the penalty shall be carried over in that sport and invoked at the first regular season game the following academic year. If a disqualification is administered to a graduating senior or coach in their final game of coaching at that school, it is the expectation of the NHIAA that the school take immediate and appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Any player who leaves the bench area during an interscholastic athletic event where an altercation is taking place in the playing area, shall receive a one- game disqualification for the next scheduled game.
NOTE: In addition to the above rule, the student must comply with any additional rules and regulations set by the coach or advisor for that activity. The coach or advisor will inform all the participants of that activity of the above rules and of any additional expectations prior to the start of that activity’s season. Students, however, are still responsible for learning all applicable eligibility rules.

The athlete will accept responsibility for all equipment issued and will return everything in reasonable condition within 2 weeks of the close of the season.

Penalty: The athlete will not be allowed to participate in any Hanover High School athletic program until the equipment has been returned or paid for. In any event, the student will be billed for lost or abused equipment.

General Athletic Rules
The Hanover High School Athletic Department believes that athletics should be considered an important part of the secondary school curriculum and should be accepted on a par with other departments at the high school under the overall control of the central administration of the school. The Athletic Department shares with the other departments the goal of guiding young people toward emotional, social and physical maturity that will assist the individual in developing self-reliance, pride, loyalty and other desirable citizenship attitudes. While striving for this goal, concern for the physical welfare and safety of students is the primary objective. It is these objectives of the athletic program which are used to justify the use of tax funds and school facilities. The Athletic Department program encourages the development of a variety of competitive teams at the varsity and junior varsity levels in every sports season. Along with these selected players, as many students as the resources of the school/community permit should be encouraged to participate in physical activities. It is understood that a sufficient number of qualified coaches should be provided to adequately staff the athletic program and that overall equality and consistency should be provided within the Athletic Department. It is necessary for the Athletic Department to promote and respect the local, state and national rules and policies under which our school program is conducted.

The athlete will follow all rules of Hanover High School and the NHIAA. Hanover High School rules include those listed in the Hanover High School Handbook dealing with eligibility, transportation and behavior at school functions. NHIAA rules include those listed in Article II, sections 1-14, of the All NHIAA Handbook. Copies of the Hanover High School and NHIAA Handbooks are available for student inspection in the Athletic Director’s Office or from the coach of the sport. Penalty: The penalties will be those stated in the Hanover High School Handbook and the NHIAA Handbook.

The student-athlete will abide by all NHIAA and Hanover High School academic performance guidelines. A student must be passing in four courses during the previous grading period. (An INC is not considered a passing grade until the teacher gives formal notice that the INC has been made up.) A student athlete may not regain athletic eligibility by making up academic deficiencies or failures of the regular school year during the summer months. Appeals may be made directly to the Principal. Penalty: The penalties will be those stated in the Hanover High School Handbook and the NHIAA Handbook.