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Building Information

An accessible entrance with electric doors is located at the main entrance to HHS. There is an elevator located in the Counseling Department corridor on the first floor as well as an elevator near the stairs going up to the auditorium.


The custodians and maintenance personnel work hard during the summer to have the school building in excellent condition at the opening of school. The custodians alone cannot maintain the school in this condition and rely upon the help of each student and staff member in keeping the school clean. This involves putting litter and rubbish into rubbish bins, keeping artist’s talents in the Art Room and not in the bathrooms, and leaving classrooms ready for the next group. The appearance of our building and grounds is everybody’s responsibility.


Scheduling Building Use
To use a room or school facility during school hours, a student or teacher must clear a request through the Main Office receptionist. To use the building after school hours, a “Building Use Form” must be submitted to the Facilities Office so that the request can be cleared with the responsible parties. Because there may be competition for space, it is advisable to submit the request at least one week in advance, earlier if possible.


School phones are for school business use or emergency use only. There is a phone available to students in the Main office for local calls.