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Academic Resources

Permanent Records
A permanent record for every student registered at Hanover High School is maintained in the school’s office. These records indicate the following:

  • Legal name, birth date, place of birth, date of entry, date of withdrawal or graduation, and pertinent statistical information
  • Final grades for the year
  • Attendance for the year (PowerSchool Electronic File)
  • Testing records
  • School health record

These records are sent to the schools and colleges where a student applies. Employers, bankers and business organizations also request transcripts and personal recommendations. A student may see their file by making an appointment with a counselor.


Textbooks and Equipment
Textbooks and equipment are signed out to students. Students must initial a form confirming that they have received the specific materials. Students are held financially responsible for returning these materials in reasonable condition. Students will be billed for lost, stolen, or damaged materials. Students who have outstanding bills will have their portals locked and will not receive their diplomas until the bills are paid. If the book is found after the bill has been paid, then reimbursement will be made up to one year after the original payment.