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Threat Protocol

The staff of Hanover High School considers the safety of all individuals of the school community to be a primary responsibility in our educational mission. We take this responsibility most seriously and are committed to addressing any act or situation that could potentially result in danger to any member of our educational community. This includes all students, staff, teachers, and families of our students. In response to events and actions both in our community and our society, the need to develop a Threat Protocol resulted in the creation of this document. Any action perceived as a threatening action will be responded to through the following protocol.

The following document should be considered a working document. The Hanover High School Threat Protocol Team reserves the right to alter, delete, or add any requirements regarding the document that they determine are appropriate in responding to the particular circumstances of any incident.
A threat is defined as any action, spoken, written, or physical, that can reasonably be construed as intent to commit an act of violence or an actual act of violence against an individual, individuals, or school facility.
A student has an obligation to notify a staff member or the administration immediately upon awareness of a threat.
1. Threatening language or actions will not be tolerated, regardless of intent.
2. If during school hours an individual feels threatened or feels the school or other individuals within the school are threatened, then they must immediately notify an administrator. The first priority is the Principal, if not available the Associate Principal, if not available the Guidance Counselors or Student Assistance Counselor. This notification will initiate the Threat Protocol. In addition, the individual should take what they deem reasonable immediate actions to maintain the safety of the school and its population.
3. Outside of school hours, the appropriate action is to report any threat to the Hanover Police. School-related threats should also be reported to the Principal or Associate Principal.
4. Confidentiality must be maintained except as it directly relates to implementing the Threat Protocol and school safety.
Mandatory Immediate Actions
  • Isolate individual(s)
  • Notify parent(s)
  • Call police
Personally notify person(s) to whom threat is aimed, or who would be harmed by the threat. Remind the person(s) that they can have a support person of their choice with them. Information that can be legally shared will be communicated in a timely fashion to the staff and if appropriate to the student body.
School Disciplinary Actions
Based on the information, including input from staff, police, guidance, school psychologist, students, and others with pertinent information the administration will hold a disciplinary hearing and pursue disciplinary action which may include but need not be limited to:
  • Warning
  • Schedule-Up
  • Suspension with long-term schedule-up upon return to school
  • Expulsion hearing
  • Expulsion
In addition, the school may request that the school psychologist or designated alternative psychologist evaluate the student before they return to classes. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the possibility of the student continuing to be a danger to others in the future. The school psychologist will be involved in the student's re-entry to school, including a meeting with the student or consultation with the outside psychologist.
All individuals have the right to call the police and/or file charges at any time.
Class Rooms; Offices; Resource Rooms
  • Students remain in classes, Resource Rooms, and Offices with staff members.
  • Students in corridors, lobbies, and insecure areas proceed immediately to nearest classroom, office, or resource room. Students in the cafeteria and atrium proceed immediately to the Chorus Area.
  • Staff members lock their doors that lead into corridors, lock corridor doors if possible, and secure doors between classrooms.
  • Windows are locked, blinds are closed, lights are off, students lie on the floor or hide in the safest area of room and remain quiet.
  • Staff takes attendance.
  • Staff member secures phone listening to information and providing updates as appropriate.
  • Students turn off or mute cell phones.
  • Students who are off campus should report to the Black Center
Note: In a lockdown the school is biding time and shielding staff and students until the police arrive. In an evacuation, the staff and students are distancing themselves from the source(s) of danger.