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When it becomes necessary to evacuate the school building the following expectations are in effect:

General Information

  • No Elevator use when fire alarm sounds
  • ALL STAFF MEMBERS are to participate in fire drills.
  • Never ignore alarms
  • Evacuation areas are:

-Football Field area
-East on Lebanon Street (school side)
-Thompson Arena

  • Please stay out of driveways and away from the building to avoid impeding fire fighting operations and the risk of serious injury.

General Staff Responsibilities In Case of Emergency

  • Close all windows and doors (if it will not cause unnecessary delay).
  • Exit the classroom last.
  • Exit the hallways last, checking bathrooms and offices on the way out. Exit in the direction marked by the arrows in the classrooms in the classroom toward the nearest stair/exit.
  • Assist handicapped individuals. Handicapped individuals will exit last. Stairwells are one-hour fire safe zones. Staff members with two-way radios will be stationed at the exit doors.
  • Supervise students while exiting from the building, while in evacuation areas, and during return to building.
  • Move students away from driveways, parking lots and the flagpole area.
  • If a decision is made to evacuate the school site: accompany students to the Thompson Arena where students will meet with their Common Ground Group. Staff members are responsible for their Common Ground Groups and must take attendance. Thompson is a safe zone, and there will be emergency services available.

Student Responsibility
Students are expected to do the following:

  • Follow instructions quickly promptly.
  • Exit in the direction marked by arrows in the classroom for the nearest stairs/exit. Students not in a classroom should go to the nearest stair/exit.