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Withdrawal From School
In order to formally withdraw from school, please schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor and obtain a Withdrawal Form. The completed form should be returned to the Main Office.

Letters of Recommendation
As part of the application process for colleges, private schools, summer programs and some employment opportunities, students need letters of recommendations from teachers, counselors, coaches and other staff members. A student needing a letter of recommendation from a school staff member should take the following steps:

  • Ask the staff member if they are willing to write a letter of recommendation.
  • Tell the staff member the deadline date for the recommendation. The staff member should have at least three weeks lead time to write the recommendation.
  • If the school or program provides a form for the recommendation, give the staff member a copy of the form.
  • Provide the staff member with access to your colleges for electronic submission.
  • Thank the staff member for writing the recommendation.

Graduation Honor Parts
May 1, 1981

Honor Parts at Hanover High School graduation shall be designated:
  • Valedictorian First in Class
  • Maxima Cum Laude First Tenth in Class
  • Magna Cum Laude Second Tenth in Class

To be eligible for an Honor Part, a student must have received grades at Hanover High School in the first two quarters of the senior year or have been a regular student in full attendance at Hanover High School for at least one previous year.

To be eligible for valedictorian, a student must complete one full year, plus two quarters of the senior year at Hanover High School.

Class rank for Honors Parts will be determined by using final grades for the first three years and the first semester grades in credit-earning courses of the senior year.

Class rank for Honors Parts will be determined by using final grades for the first three years and the first semester grades in credit-earning courses of the senior year.

Graduation Requirements
Board Policy: IKF  
*this link is to the live policy. Double-check the official policy before making graduation decisions
Last Revised: November 27, 2018

Beginning with the class of 2020, the graduation requirements for Hanover High School as follows:
A minimum of 20 credits and are required for graduation as follows:

Required Subjects

15 credits
Mathematics (including a credit in Algebra that can be earned through a sequential, integrated, or applied program) 4 credits*
English 4 credits
Physical Sciences 1 credit
Biological Sciences 1 credit
Social Studies required  courses 3 credits**
Physical Education 1 credit
Health 1/2 credit
Fine/Practical Arts (1/2 must be fine arts) 1 credit
Information and Communications technologies 1/2 credit or demonstrated proficiency
Open Electives  5 credits
* Including a credit in algebra that can be earned through a sequential, integrated, or applied program. Requiring a high school pupil to attain competency in mathematics for each year in which the student is in high school through graduation to ensure career and college readiness. A pupil may meet this requirement either by satisfactorily completing a minimum of 4 courses in mathematics or by satisfactorily completing a minimum of 3 mathematics courses and one non-mathematics content area course, including, but not limited to, a CTE program under RSA 188-E, in which mathematics knowledge and skills are embedded and applied, as may be approved by the school board.  
** These courses incorporate the NH State Minimum Requirements of US and NH History (1 credit), US and NH Government/Civics (1/2 credit), Economics (1/2 credit), and World History, Global Studies, or Geography (1/2 credit). This also incorporates a district requirement of 1/2 credit in Modern America.
Open Electives: Students should review the minimum entry requirements of post-secondary schools in scheduling open electives, bearing in mind that most 4 year colleges require at least two years of foreign language.
Awarding of Credit: A unit of credit or fraction thereof shall be given upon satisfactory completion of a course or learning experience in compliance with the district-specified curriculum and assessment standards. In some cases, course credit may also be awarded based on demonstrated mastery of the required competencies for the course. The Principal, after conferring with appropriate staff, will be responsible for determining the attainment of mastery.

Alternative Credit Options
The Superintendent may approve the granting of credit earned through alternative methods outside of regular classroom-based instruction. Such alternative methods of instruction may include extended learning opportunities, distance education, alternative learning plans, or others approved by the Superintendent or designee. Awarding of credits to be applied toward high school graduation requirements will be determined by the high school Principal on a case-by-case basis. Such credit will be granted pursuant to the provisions of policy IMBC, Alternative Credit Options and other applicable Board policies.
Alternative Learning Plans  
As an alternative to satisfying the provisions of this policy and related State requirements, students may also graduate from high school, and obtain either a high school diploma or its equivalent, by participating in an alternative learning plan or program. The provisions of policy IHBI, Alternative Learning Plans, shall apply in such an event.
Passage of Civics Exam
The district will develop a competency assessment of United States government and civics, consistent with pertinent and applicable law. This assessment will be administered to students as part of the high school course in history and government of the United States and New Hampshire.  Students who attain a passing grade on this assessment will be eligible to receive a high school diploma.
The Board supports early graduation as a means to earn a high school diploma.  Parental involvement for students under the age of 18 is required. The high school principal shall approve such requests if they determine that all state and local graduation requirements will be met and that early graduation is related to career and/or educational plans of the student making the request.  Upon approval by the high school principal, the minimum 4-unit requirement per year for enrolled students shall be waived and the student shall be awarded a high school diploma.
EDUCATIONALLY HANDICAPPED STUDENTS: All educationally disabled students have equal opportunity to complete a course of study leading to a high school diploma.

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306.27(ad), Early Graduation
RSA 189:11, Instruction in National and State History and Government.

During annual course registration, students receive information to assess their progress towards meeting graduation requirements. Seniors whose schedules indicate possible graduation deficiencies will receive a letter from the Counseling Department.


Early or Deferred Graduation Option
Arrangements can be made for either early or deferred graduation.

  • Criteria for early or deferred arrangements are available in the Counseling Office.
  • A request for early or deferred graduation must be initiated with a Counselor.
  • Approval for early graduation requests must be obtained from a parent or guardian, the counselor, and the Principal.
  • Even though a plan for early graduation is approved, there is no guarantee that space in courses needed to satisfy the plan will be available (e.g., all students are given one English before any student receives two).
  • Middle school credit cannot be used for early graduation.