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Hanover High School Handbook

The Hanover High School Handbook contains links to state and district policies, school practices and procedures and delineates the rights and responsibilities of membership in our democratic school community.

PDF Version
*Please note that the handbook is updated during the year & the website is the most current version while we update the pdf version. 

I. Introduction
II. School Resources
     A. Mission Statement
     B. School-Wide Core  Competencies
     C. School Schedule
         1. The School Day
         2. Delayed Opening
         3. School Closing
         4. Class Periods
         5. Lunch
         6. Unscheduled Time
         7. Activity Periods
         8. Advisory
         9. Field Trips
     D. Co-curricular Activities
         1. Athletic Activities
         2. Club Activities
     E. Building Information
         1. Accessibility 
         2. Maintenance
         3. Scheduling Building Use
         4. Telephones
     F. Academic Resources
         1. Permanent Records
         2. Textbooks & Equipment
     G. Resource Centers & Common Areas
         1. Resource Centers
         2. Counseling
         3. Computer Labs
         4. Design Lab
         5. Atrium
         6. Library
         7. Health Services
         8. Nick Beard Opinion Board
 III. School Governance
     A. Dresden School Board
     B. The Council
         1. Council Bylaws
         2. Board-Council Communication
         3. Skip Bean Democratic School Award
         4. Student Inclusion on Search Committees
     C. Committee on Program & Procedure
     D. Class Committee
     E. Judiciary Committee
     F. Restorative Practices

IV. Safety Protocol
     A. Suspected Alcohol or Drug Violation
     B. Evacuation
     C. Threat Protocol
         1. Lockdown
     D. Protection of Student Rights
         1. Student Records, Family Privacy
         2. Confidentiality Statement
         3. FERPA Notification
         4. Directory Information
     E. School Bus Policies
     F. School Visitors
V. Academic Policies & Procedures
     A. Honor Code
         1. Responsibility to Report Violations
     B. Academic Integrity Policy
     C. Credit-Earning Pathways
         1. Academic Credit
         2. Drop/Add
         3. Independent Study Standards
         4. Extended Learning Opportunities
         5. Home Schooling
         6. Hartford Area Career & Technology Center
         7. Study Abroad
         8. Dartmouth Courses
         9. Ford Sayre Tutorial Program
     D. Assignments & Grading
         1. Homework & Communication
         2. Grading
         3. Exams
         4. Course Concerns
     E. Course Standards
         1. Course Standards Policy
            a) Accommodations
            b) Modifications
            c) Individualization
         2. Course Evaluation
     F. Graduation
     G. March Intensive

VI. Student Policies
     A. Acceptable Use Policy
     B. Athletic Responsibilities
     C. Attendance Policy
     D. Behavior Expectations
         1. Destruction and Theft of Property
         2. Alcohol and Other Prohibited Substances
         3. Discipline Policy
         4. Memorandum of Understanding
         5. Personal Safety
         6. Atrium
         7. Sexual Harassment
     E. Cell Phones
     F. Co-Curricular Code of Conduct
     G. Gender Inclusivity
     H. Open Campus
     I. Parking & Driving
     J. Personal Appearance Policy
     K. Restorative Practices
     L. Schedule-Up
     M. School Dances
     N. Solicitations by Students
     O. Work Permits