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1. Community Service Events

Youth-in-Action is for everyone! Last year 137 Hanover High School students participated in at least one Youth-in-Action community service event. All HHS students receive a monthly email from Youth-in-Action with events, which are also published in the Principal's weekly and the YIA google calendar. 

2. Community Service Team 

Interested in a more serious commitment to community service? Community Service Team (CST) is offered once a year and coincides with the Winter sports season. Students meet after school, twice a week, for 10 weeks either at HHS or locally, in the community, and participate in a variety of different projects (cooking, crafts, yard work, volunteering with kids and seniors, and many more!).

3. Student Leadership Committee

Our Student Leadership Committee (SLC) is currently comprised of eight students who have shown a commitment to community service and been invited to the SLC. These students help run the organization, making decisions about the activities offered, recruitment, fundraising and marketing.

Youth-in-Action 2022-2023

Youth-In-Action Through the Years